Airline Application Review

Airline applications can be quite lengthy and require extraordinarily detailed and accurate information about your personal and professional background to be considered complete by HR departments. These finer details, often overlooked or answered incorrectly by many applicants, can make a significant impact on your successful consideration for a pilot position at a major airline. Many clients feel discouraged after years of updating their applications with no significant feedback or positive contact from the airlines. Our goal is to discover all possible discrepancies on your application which could be decreasing your chances of being contacted, resolve these errors, and optimize your information in an effort to enhance your visibility to airline hiring departments. Our advisors will work with you one-on-one to review your entire application from start to finish to ensure all questions are completed accurately, thoughtfully, and honestly.

The process begins by conducting an initial review and audit of your current AirlineApps and/or PilotCredential profiles based on our years of experience reviewing and optimizing applications. Next, we generate a list of discrepancies which will be used as the basis for discussion with you during your one-on-one session with one of our skilled advisors. On average, we find approximately 25 to 50 discrepancies per application which can include errors as trivial as spelling, formatting, or grammar, and as significant as the improper selection of important questions related to employment activities and aeronautical proficiency which may automatically exclude you from consideration. Any small errors found will typically be corrected on your behalf during our initial audit and reviewed during your consult.

This session will be an opportunity to review and correct these discrepancies and formulate a personalized strategy to help communicate your comprehensive background to prospective airlines by optimizing relevant sections of your application. This process will include adding additional information that most applicants do not consider including during their initial completion, which can help increase your application score. With a clear path established to make these changes, we will stay in contact with you and conduct a final review once you have implemented all of the recommended changes. Finally, we will provide you with a helpful document to assist in making regular monthly updates to your application, which we strongly recommend to keep your application active.

At Raven Career Development, we are fully committed to strengthening your application, providing you with both the confidence and peace of mind that your information is as accurate and complete as possible, and ensuring you have the best possible chance for successful employment consideration by airline hiring departments around the world.