Professional Airline Pilot Resume

Our resume service is designed around a multi-step process guaranteed to deliver a highly effective resume that garners interest from Legacy, Low Cost, Fractional, and Regional Airline recruiters immediately. Our service produces targeted resumes founded on an easy-to-read format, supported by meaningful content, and organized to showcase experience in order of importance. Our aviation resumes grab recruiters attention quickly, allowing even the most introverted pilot to market their skills effectively without being pushy or overbearing. 

Our Resume Writing Process

Our multi-step process is designed around getting you, our client, a targeted resume, showcasing all of your skills, aviation and non-aviation, in a way that communicates your value to pilot recruiters amongst a highly competitive landscape. In today’s aviation job market, things are moving quickly and every day our professional pilots spend “off the property” of their desired airline is precious time lost. For this reason alone, we make getting you on that seniority list our top priority. As professional pilots ourselves, we understand how precious seniority is to quality of life, career advancement, and long term wealth. We take this very seriously. 

Our Process

Resume Review

Each new client relationship begins with an initial resume review. We analyze all client resumes for both format and content. The reality, in today’s aviation job market, is that recruiters will spend 6-8 seconds maximum reviewing your resume. This 6-8 seconds is all that stands between you and the “Yes” and “No” piles. When all is done, while you may be the Chuck Yeager of your day, a recruiters inability to discern this after a 6-8 second resume review, will result in you be discarded. 

Once we have scored your formatting, we move on to evaluating your content. We want to make sure your resume descriptions are relevant, targeted, comprehensive, and efficient. Additionally, we want to make sure you showcase all of your experience, not just the flying aspects. Todays job market requires a well rounded pilot who pairs exceptional flying ability with a positive attitude and great customer service. 

One-on-One Interview

Once your resume review is complete, we will schedule a follow up “aviation job style” interview to discuss every detail of your professional background. This is our opportunity to learn everything there is to know about you. This interview is both targeted and comprehensive, we discuss everything, both inside and outside of the cockpit. Once complete, we will take our notes and begin the resume writing process. 

Resume Writing 

With detailed notes in hand, we begin identifying themes, grouping experience, organizing the flow, and targeting your audience. Once we have your background, experience, and value propositions mapped out, the writing begins. You certificates, ratings, flight times, aviation work history, non-aviation work history, and education will all be expertly crafted, laid out with a recruiters eye in mind. 

Resume Audit

Once written, your resume will go through a rigorous back-end quality control process. Every client resume is reviewed by a separate advisor who studies for grammar, spelling, themes, flow, and content. Both your resume writer, and back-end editor will work together, discussing your background and resume, ensuring your new resume is well-rounded and complete. We make sure your resume has been examined from every angle. 

At Raven Career Development every client gains access to our team of aviation resume writers and career coaches who work in concert together, behind the scenes, ensuring that your resume meets the highest quality standards. We believe this personalized, thorough, and standardized approach sets us apart from the rest. 

Resume First Draft

After completing our quality control process, we will send you a first draft of your new resume via email. This is your first opportunity to review our work, begin familiarizing yourself with your new resume, and see if there is any additional experience you may recall after our aviation job style interview. 

Resume Follow Up

We schedule a short follow up conversation once you have had time to review your resume first draft. This is our opportunity to explain the format, review the content with you, answer any questions you may have, and discuss any possible revisions. 

Resume Final Draft

Once our resume follow up is complete, we will make any adjustments as required and submit a final resume draft via email. Your new resume is your property, we do not copyright the material, and submit copies to you in .doc and .pdf formats. This allows you to continually update your flight times and ratings as required. 

Resume Update

We maintain life long relationships with our clients and support our resumes for their useful life. As such, we do offer a resume update service for clients as they continue to progress through their careers.