LinkedIn Optimization

In recent years, LinkedIn has proven to be one of the most successful and widely recognized platforms to connect with other industry professionals around the world. A strategically optimized LinkedIn profile not only increases your visibility to your prospective employers, but also adds additional depth of character to your online presence. Our advisors work with you to create a powerful profile to showcase your qualifications and experience that will get you noticed by your dream employers.

An optimized LinkedIn profile unlocks the potential to be seen by thousands of aviation professionals on a daily basis. This is a platform where you can take control of your career and call the shots to find the people you want to connect with and work for.

So how do we do this?

Our process is simple and unique, but extremely thorough. We begin by helping to define what your career goals are and how LinkedIn optimization can help in those pursuits.

Once we have discovered what your motivations and ambitions are, we get down and dirty in learning all about you. We want to know your professional career achievements, volunteer experiences, awards and accolades as well as the bonus traits that you can’t necessarily show on a typical resume. Don’t worry if you can’t remember what makes you awesome, we are professionals at pulling these special traits out of you during the interview.

This process allows us to get a better perspective on how we are going to work with you to make your LinkedIn profile shine!


Once we have learned everything we possibly can about you as a pilot and career professional, we begin the profile optimization process. Whether you have a LinkedIn account already or are still questioning to yourself “What exactly is LinkedIn?”, we take care of all the heavy lifting for you. We craft and mold your account on your behalf to be optimized for what the aviation industry is actively looking for.

After about two weeks, your LinkedIn adviser will be finished optimizing your profile. We then present you with your new profile and work with you to make any final adjustments before going live to the LinkedIn world.


We believe your LinkedIn profile is one of your most powerful online marketing tools. Regardless of whether is optimized or not, aviation professionals will view your online profile as an extension of who you are as a professional and may draw a better sense of who you are based on your profile each day.

Have no fear, we helped you optimize your profile so that those who stumble on your profile are impressed and are more compelled to connect with you. However, your LinkedIn efforts should not stop there.

Once we have optimized your LinkedIn account to enhance your visibility and impress prospective employers, we give you the insight and know-how to be effective when it comes to searching for your next career move.

As we wrap up our time with you, we will arm you with the best LinkedIn networking tips that will provide you with more potential opportunities, interviews, and quality offers than you have ever imagined.