Salary Negotiation

Compensation negotiation is an integral part of the hiring process that many pilots find to be a stressful and difficult discussion. We are frequently approached by clients who are uncomfortable and fearful about broaching the “salary” conversation as they do not know where to begin. By breaking compensation negotiation up into manageable stages, we can better prepare each client for compensation related discussions all while keeping their discomfort and stress to a minimum.

StageĀ 1: Research & Planning

The research and planning stage begins after applying, and prior to interviewing, for a specific position. We typically begin Stage 1 just prior to a telephone, in-person, or video conference interview and address benchmarking for various factors.

Once we have a reasonable expectation of the work/life balance, we can assign an expected salary range to the position. This process prepares each client to comfortably, confidently, and respectfully answer many questions that you may have.

Stage 2: Compensation Package Review

After all interviews are complete and you are selected for a position, your prospective employer will make a formal compensation offer. This offer will detail your total compensation package and include many different components.

We will advise you through the entire process, helping you secure an appropriate amount of time from a prospective employer to review the offer in its entirety. We address each component of the compensation package individually and assist you in identifying areas for negotiation as well as laying out both the positive and negative aspects of accepting the offer.

Stage 3: Negotiation

If after consultation, we identify areas where negotiation may be possible, we will work closely with you to develop a sound strategy. We work diligently to clearly identify fair compensation requests, develop strategies to open conversation while avoiding defensiveness, and format requests in a respectful manner. Once the strategy is clearly defined, we will begin coaching you through the negation process.

Stage 4: Offer Acceptance

Once negotiation is complete, we conduct a final review with you addressing any questions or concerns you may have. Now the hard work is done and it is time to accept the offer!