Meet the Raven Career Development Advisor Team

Allen Palant
Brian Falcon
Yeol Grant
Kevin Larson

Allen Palant

AdvisorAllen Palant, advisor for Raven Career Development

Career Highlights:

  • Bachelor of Science, Embry-Riddle Aeronautical University
  • Eight Years of Service in the United States Marine Corps
  • International ExPat pilot on Airbus A320, Boeing 767, & Gulfstream Aircraft
  • Chief Pilot for a Hong Kong-based Aviation Management Company
  • Director of Aviation for a Corporate Flight Department operating a Gulfstream G550
  • Boeing 737 Pilot at a Major Airline

Raven Career Development Advisor Allen Palant’s fascination for airlines and aviation first took flight near his hometown of Los Angeles, CA.

He learned to fly at the iconic Van Nuys Airport, in the heart of the San Fernando Valley and pursued professional flight training at Flight Safety Academy in Vero Beach, FL while he earned his Bachelor of Science in Professional Aeronautics from Embry-Riddle Aeronautical University. Additionally, Allen served in the United States Marine Corps where he held various ground and aviation assignments during his 8 years of service.

Following graduation from Embry-Riddle, Allen gained valuable experience as a flight instructor before diving into the world of Part 91 business aviation and Part 135 charter aviation. After utilizing his years of corporate flying experience and sharp networking skills, Allen began flying large transport category aircraft in Russia and Hong Kong. During his tenure as a corporate pilot, he advanced into supervisory roles including Training Captain, Check Airman, Instructor Pilot, and Chief Pilot.

Upon returning back to the United States, Allen supervised the operation of a Gulfstream G550 Corporate Flight Department in Southern California, where he conducted long-range worldwide operations under FAR Parts 91 and 135.

Allen recently transitioned to a Major US Airline where he currently serves as a Pilot on the Boeing 737 fleet. He holds an Airline Transport Pilot Certificate from both the FAA and Hong Kong CAD as well as numerous certificate validations from Bermuda, Aruba, and the Cayman Islands. He is type rated in the Boeing 737, 757, and 767, Airbus A320, Gulfstream G-V/G550, Challenger 300, Lear 60, and Hawker 125 series aircraft.

In addition to his cockpit experience and Raven Career Development services, Allen also earned his Master of Business Administration in Finance and Accounting from Keller Graduate School of Management, and he speaks a number of foreign languages and is fluent in both English and Russian.

Allen’s extensive flying and aviation management experience makes him qualified to work with clients seeking advancement opportunities in both corporate/business aviation, as well as at Part 121 Airlines. At Raven Career Development, he specializes in providing personalized interview preparation, developing customized career strategies, and guiding clients through unique background concerns as they prepare for future career opportunities.

Brian FalconBrian Falcon, advisor for Raven Career Development


Career Highlights:

  • Bachelor of Science, Embry-Riddle Aeronautical University
  • Part 121 Regional Airline Check Airman
  • Boeing 737 First Officer at Major Airline

Raven Career Development Advisor Brian Falcon was bitten by the flying bug during frequent transcontinental travels between Los Angeles and Atlanta. He learned to fly at the age of 14, at Cobb County/McCollum Field (RYY), and accomplished his first solo flight at the age of 16 before earning his private pilot certificate and instrument airplane rating one year later.

Following his primary and instrument flight training, Brian attended Embry-Riddle Aeronautical University in Daytona Beach, Florida and received a Bachelor of Science Degree in Aeronautical Science. While at Embry-Riddle, Brian earned his Commercial Pilot Certificate, Multiengine Land Rating, and Flight Instructor Certificate (and associated Ratings) and began instructing for a local flight school nearby. Additionally, he was selected by Continental Airlines for a semester-long internship with their Flight Operations department in Houston, Texas.

Upon graduation, he relocated back to Atlanta where he continued to build valuable instructional experience at the same flight school where he completed initial flight training. Brian progressed into a First Officer position for Atlantic Southeast Airlines (ASA, later ExpressJet) where he upgraded to Captain on the CRJ-200/700/900 series regional jet fleet.

Brian’s professionalism, combined with his exemplary performance and mentorship as a Captain for one of the nation’s busiest regional airlines, led flight operations management to select him to become an FAA Designated Check Airman. He served as a Line Check Airman for two years where he trained/certified hundreds of new-hire First Officers and Captain upgrade candidates, performed FAA required line checks, and mentored pilots who were experiencing challenges during their initial operating experience.

With years of Captain and Check Airman experience at a fast-paced regional airline, Brian then accepted a position with a legacy US airline, where he currently serves as a Pilot on the Boeing 737 fleet. He holds an Airline Transport Pilot Certificate with Airplane Single & Multiengine Land and Airplane Single Engine Sea ratings, and is type rated in the Boeing 737 and CRJ series aircraft.

Brian’s professional aviation experience, along with his genuine personality, allows him to provide expert and personalized guidance to Raven Career Development clients who are looking to advance their career in the scheduled Part 121 airline environment. He specializes in the development of technical media, review and optimization of airline applications, as well as coaching clients through various personal and professional background concerns.

Yeol GrantYeol Grant, advisor for Raven Career Development


Career Highlights

  • Bachelor of Science, Embry-Riddle Aeronautical University
  • Part 121 Regional Airline Captain
  • Part 131 Check Airman
  • Part 91 International Gulfstream Captain

Yeol Grant is a Raven Career Development Advisor, as well as an International Gulfstream Captain for a large Fortune 500 flight department, supporting worldwide executive travel, based on the West Coast. He has previously served in a variety of leadership positions, including Lead Captain for a Northeast-based regional airline, Check Airman for a large Part 91K/135 fractional operator, and Instructor Pilot for a Part 142 simulator training facility.

He holds an Airline Transport Pilot Certificate with type ratings in the Beechjet, Falcon 20, Falcon 50/900EX, Phenom 300, Gulfstream G-V, and Saab 340.

Yeol’s extensive aviation background allows him to help Raven Career Development clients expertly craft new resumes, review applications, and guide them onto their path to career success.

Kevin LarsonKevin Larson, advisor for Raven Career Development


Career Highlights

  • 40+ years as a Military, Commuter, Major Airline, and Corporate pilot
  • Over 30,000 flight hours
  • United States Air Force Pilot
  • Major Airline Captain B777, B737, B727
  • Type rated G-V (450/550), GIV
  • Major Airline Acting Chief Pilot
  • Experienced ALPA (Air Line Pilots Association) Grievance Representative
  • Accredited IS-BAO Auditor

Raven Career Development Advisor Kevin Larson entered the United States Air Force as a “zero time” pilot in 1977. Over his career, Kevin amassed a wealth of aviation experience including flights to military bases and civil airports around the world. These include remote island bases/airports, special use airports, polar operations and operating at the world’s busiest airports. A former USAF pilot, commuter pilot, and retired major airline pilot, he is currently flying Gulfstream aircraft for a United States-based aviation management company under FAR Part 91 and Part 135.

Kevin’s career began in the years following The Airline Deregulation Act of 1978. He has first-hand experience of an aviation career after deregulation, understands the landscape of major international and US carriers. This gives him valuable insight to share with pilots seeking aviation as a career. Kevin has an in-depth knowledge of collective bargaining agents, the unions who represent airline pilots over the course of their careers. Having made the transition from major airline Captain to 91/135 pilot Kevin can help retiring airline pilots consider a career in aviation after 121 retirement.