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Aviation Industry Updates: December 22, 2020

By December 22, 2020December 29th, 2020Industry News

How NOT To Recover A Bounce Landing

Is Alaska Dancing on Delta’s Grave?

It wasn’t too long ago that we saw Delta battling hard to take over Alaska territory. Alaska’s response: “Over the long run, we’re going to win by focusing on what Alaska has always done well,” says Alaska Air Group CEO Brad Tilden. “That means flying safely and reliably, offering our customers and communities terrific service, having low costs and low fares, and providing our employees a great place to work.”

It’s now 2020, the Coronavirus has done its damage, and with a simplified fleet and streamlined cost structure, it looks like Alaska will follow through on its promise. Do I think this will kill Delta…no! But it sure as heck will make their life really difficult.

This new promo video was sent this week by 5 friends and family who are all non-aviation types. It’s catchy, fun, and exactly the image airlines need to pull themselves out of this mess. Here’s hoping it works!

Travel Hits Pandemic Level High


  • Pre-Christmas air travel surpassed 1 million daily passengers nationwide for three consecutive days this weekend — breaking the record for most weekend travelers of the pandemic and outpacing Thanksgiving numbers that assumed that title and worried health experts last month.
  • The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention issued guidance earlier this month that discouraged travel and urged those who need to travel to acquire coronavirus tests before and after their journey.
  • While the amount of people flying every day is still consistently less than half of the same numbers seen last year before the pandemic began, the influx marks a steady increase in the frequency of days in which travel volumes surpass 1 million daily passengers.
  • Since March, there have been a total of eight days that saw more than 1 million screenings: One occurred in October, four in November, and three have been recorded so far this month.
  • Christmas travel numbers are likely to plummet in some other countries, like England, where officials have imposed lockdowns and banned holiday gatherings because of a fast-spreading strain of the coronavirus. Canada and some nations in Europe have moved to ban travel from England through Christmas.
  • While the strain has not yet been reported in the United States, New York Gov. Andrew M. Cuomo (D) on Monday called for the country to follow suit and ban travel from the United Kingdom.

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Weekly TSA Numbers

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