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Allen Palant

737 Pilot at a Major Airline

James and Raven have had an incredible impact on my career and income. However, the biggest impact has been on my overall life plan, and it all started with a 15-minute phone call with a Raven Advisor. My gratitude is beyond words.

James Onieal


What You’ll Get During This Free Strategy Session

Clarity, Focus, and a Step-By-Step Plan. Be ready! Because in this high-speed highly focused strategy session, we will drill down on your specific career and lifestyle goals, and the best ways to get from where you are to where you want to be fast. You'll be amazed at the confidence, clarity and control over your aviation career you'll gain in just 15 minutes!

What You’ll Do Before the Call

Prepare to discuss your most important aviation career goals and any potential obstacles you see to reaching them. Candor and clarity are essential.

What Happens During the Call

We quickly dissect your career objectives, identify any challenging issues, and show you exactly how to deal with them. Then we reverse engineer a clear game plan giving you the straightest line to your target...no fluff or BS!

What Changes After the Call

You will know exactly the right steps to take that will virtually guarantee you are competitive, your app and resume stand out, and you get the job!

About James Onieal

A preeminent coach and trainer in aviation, James personally coaches at all levels, from first-year pilots to NASA pilots. He’s also a sought-after industry speaker who simplifies and articulates a pragmatic straight forward approach to landing your dream aviation job.

James developed his approach during the economic downturn of 2010, when he went from feeling unstoppable in his dream aviation job, to furloughed, out of work, and emotionally devastated. It was tough, but he took that time to focus like a laser on perfecting a new process for finding and securing his next dream aviation job. The best part is James took a brief 30% pay cut to advance his career, and within 24 months was earning 330% more income.

In fact, his new process has been so successful it inspired him to create Raven Career Development. Raven hasn’t always been smooth sailing, but today the processes are clear, and the strategies for helping you rapidly advance your aviation career are razor sharp. Book your call with Raven right now. It's 15 minutes that could literally change your life!

Why They Recommend Having a Free Consultation

Yeol Grant

Fortune 100 Company G-550 Captain

James is a straight shooting, no BS kind of guy. He won't tell you something because you want to hear it. He tells it like it is, which I appreciate.

Heather Hatton

Part 121 Major Airline First Officer

James is an unbelievable mentor. He's a master strategist and tactician. In minutes he always seems to have the perfect answer to nearly every situation I've faced in my aviation career.

Dale Alibert

A320 First Officer at a Major Airline

Raven is my go-to source for advancing my career as a pilot. I worked with James and two of his advisors and they helped me land the best job for my situation.

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