Time to Take Your Career to the Next Level?

Eric Hineman

Citation Captain, Silverhawk Aviation

Raven did a great job of extracting all the things I have done throughout my career. Whether you have an extensive aviation background, or are just getting started, Raven will help you move forward in your career. They create a very professional product.

James Onieal


What You’ll Get During This Free Strategy Session

Clarity, Focus, and a Step-By-Step Plan. Be ready! Because in this high-speed highly focused strategy session, we will drill down on your specific career and lifestyle goals, and the best ways to get from where you are to where you want to be fast. You'll be amazed at the confidence, clarity and control over your aviation career you'll gain in just 15 minutes!

What You’ll Do Before the Call

Prepare to discuss your most important aviation career goals and any potential obstacles you see to reaching them. Candor and clarity are essential.

What Happens During the Call

We quickly dissect your career objectives, identify any challenging issues, and show you exactly how to deal with them. Then we reverse engineer a clear game plan giving you the straightest line to your target...no fluff or BS!

What Changes After the Call

You will know exactly the right steps to take that will virtually guarantee you are competitive, your app and resume stand out, and you get the job!

About Raven Careers

Raven is a passionate group of aviation's preeminent coaches and trainers, coaching at all levels, from student pilots to NASA pilots. They are sought-after industry experts who simplify and articulate a pragmatic straight forward approach to helping you land your dream aviation job.

It all started during the economic downturn of 2010, when Raven's founder went from feeling unstoppable in his dream aviation job, to furloughed, out of work, and emotionally devastated. That's when it happened. With his back against the wall, he perfected a new process for finding and securing his next dream aviation job. It was a process where he took a brief 30% pay cut to advance his career, but within 24 months was earning 330% more income.

In fact, Raven's new process has been so successful that they've helped thousands of pilots advance their careers. The best part is today their processes are clear, and the strategies for helping you rapidly advance your aviation career are razor sharp. Book your call with Raven right now. It's 15 minutes that could literally change your life!

Why They Recommend Having a Free Consultation

Matt Thomson

Corporate Pilot & Regional Pilot

Raven delivered a very personalized and professional prep for my interview. Their attention to detail prepared me for a successful interview with my first choice airline. I highly recommend Raven!

Nikki Bodie

Airforce KC 46 Pilot & Regional Airline Captain

Raven goes above and beyond to assist with career advancement. I have used their services multiple times for updated resumes for airline positions, as well as positions on Boards with charitable organizations. Their attention to detail and level of care is unmatched.

Michael Anderson

Army C-26 Pilot & Regional First Officer

Great experience! In an hour call I got a fantastic resume. Huge help on my airline app too. At RTAG their advice with recruiters was amazing, what to say and not say. Finally, the monthly live video calls are wonderful for up to date info, and private Q&A after is an opportunity to ask questions in a "safe" space, and share successes.

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