How to FAA Background Check Yourself

No pilot likes surprises…especially on a background check!

Just this past week, we’ve gotten calls from 2 different pilots who’d experienced just that…

…something popped up on their background check that they didn’t know existed.

We’ve put together this video to show you how to run your own mini FAA/PRIA background check for less than $20.

This short vide includes:

  1. Links to the FAA Background Check Form with clear instructions
  2. The FAA Mailing address to send in your request
  3. Discussion on what information to expect and timeline to receive information back
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How to Request Your Airman File


  1. Fill out the top portion according to the instructions.
  2. Use the name on your pilot certificate, no nicknames!
  3. Check the boxes for:
    1. Airman Certification Complete File
    2. Accidents, Incidents, or Enforcement Information
  4. Print the document and mail it to the address on the form

Link: FAA Airman File Request

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