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Aviation Industry Updates: December 1, 2020

By Industry News

Delta Air Lines Avoids Pilot Furloughs


  • A month ago, Delta Air Lines reached a tentative agreement with its pilot union — the Air Line Pilots Association (ALPA) — to avoid pilot furloughs. The deal offered partial pay for more than 1,700 pilots who would have been furloughed, in exchange for a modest reduction in the number of guaranteed hours for the rest of Delta’s pilots.

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Aviation Industry Updates: October 20, 2020

By Industry News

Ticket Prices Plummet While Cargo Revenues Increase


  • “US airlines are in the crappiest recovery ever. They’re getting hit in two ways: The number of passengers is still way down, seven months into the pandemic, or actually over eight months into it because for airlines it started at the end of January with flight bans; and on top of it, ticket prices have plunged — the toxic mix of crushed volume and crushed prices.”

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