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Regional Pilot Millionaires + Dealing with Pilot FOMO

How Many Leisure Travel Does It Take?

Regional Flow: Should I Stay Or Should I Go?

How To Transition From The Military | DOD Skillbridge Experts Boris Kun and Max Shuman

Who’s Hiring & What Are They Looking For? | 21.Five Podcast with Raven’s James Onieal

Business Travel Expert Roundtable | Brian Sumers & Ilene Onieal

Long-haul international travel and business travel are the buzzwords we are watching the closest lately. Industry experts agree these sectors will be the last to return. How long will it take? To what capacity will it return? Is our current optimism warranted? 

Host, Jason DuVernay sits down with industry experts Brian Sumers of Skift.com and Global Travel Manager Ilene Onieal to try and make sense of it all. Will Southwest’s high-frequency play attract small business travelers? Have travel policy restrictions been relaxed? Is government support creating an unequal playing field? What does this mean for you and your career?

Would you be better off flying for ULCC? | 21.Five Podcast with Raven’s Jason DuVernay

Furloughed And Confused | 21.Five Podcast with James Onieal

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An Airline CEO’s Take on a 2021 Recovery | Ben Baldanza

The Ultra Low Cost Carrier model has exploded worldwide. After doing exceedingly well during two downturns, 9/11 and the 2008 recession, these carriers are once again gearing up for rapid expansion.

We sat down with former Spirit CEO Ben Baldanza to make sense of it all. We talk about winners and losers. Discuss bankruptcies and possible mergers. We learn what’s next from a true expert and industry insider who has served as a leader within multiple airlines.

Click above and listen to this fascinating interview with JetBlue Board Member and Former Spirit CEO Ben Baldanza and Raven’s own ULCC Pilot, Jason DuVernay.

We hope you enjoy this candid inside perspective and much as we did.

IATA Global Head of Cargo Glyn Hughes | The Future of Air Cargo

2020 has been a devastating year for passenger carriers while cargo has seen record revenues.  Air Cargo has pumped a little lifeblood into passenger airlines as well, but is it enough to save them? Glyn Hughes the Global Head of Cargo for International Air Transport Association (IATA) joins Jason to talk about the fascinating world of Air Cargo and your role in meeting the needs of a hungry world economy. What can we expect in 2021 and beyond? Will the cargo machine keep humming? What about passenger airlines? What the heck is an ACMI carrier? Sit back, relax, and enjoy this ride through the world of Air Cargo.

The Valley of Death and Helping Veterans | Erik Sabiston – RTAG

We sit down with Erik Sabiston to hear the story of what his crew went through during one of the most decorated Dustoff missions in history. I selfishly wanted to hear this story. Having known Erik for over three years now our conversations have largely been focused on simply helping vets get jobs. Sadly, I had never taken the time to listen to his story, to learn more about my friend Erik.

Erik is the author of Dustoff 7-3 and the pilot in command of the heroic missions outlined in the biography Erik has been through hell, and his story is one that should be heard.

Rotary To Airline Group, or RTAG, began as a campaign to address the national pilot shortage with both professional and experienced Rotary Wing Aviators. This movement has since evolved, now endeavoring to place Veterans in the Airline Industry, regardless of their experience. We highlight the goals of the organization and how its mission has recently changed.

Preparing for Hiring in 2021 | James Onieal

When James was hired at NetJets as their youngest pilot ever he thought he had made it, soon after the pilot group signed in a new contract offering him fantastic pay and benefits. James started looking for BMWs and other creative ways to spend his new windfall. Soon after James held another new record at NetJets…the youngest pilot to be furloughed.
When faced with this adversity he found himself in one of the worst job climates of the past 20 years. Working tirelessly to find new opportunities taught him the skills and tactics necessary to achieve success in aviation. Out of this downturn, Raven Careers was launched.
What does it take to get a job in this depressed climate? How can aviators set themselves apart from the pack? Find out in this extended conversation with the founder of Raven Career Development.

Can Cargo Save Passenger Airlines? | Former AA VP Laura Freeland

We’ve seen passenger airlines make huge strides in their cargo capabilities this year, but is it enough to save them? Former VP of Cargo for American Airlines and Qatar Airlines, Laura Freeland, sits down with Jason to answer this question and more. This episode covers the cargo questions, dealing with industry change, and dealing with personal change, and embracing vulnerability.

The View From The Top | FAA Administrator Randy Babbitt

It wasn’t supposed to be like this, and so much has changed since March. As the New Year rapidly approaches, how will airlines get passengers back? How will they avoid more furloughs? How should they prepare for passengers to return? Life has become overwhelming. Now it’s time to get moving in the right direction.
Join us as Former ALPA President, Administrator Randy Babbitt sits with us for his first-ever podcast! Mr. Babbitt shares his experiences in multiple leadership roles, his personal history as a pilot, ALPA President, and battles he fought on Capitol Hill as the FAA Administrator.

Learning From History, Forecasting The Future

Are concessions the new norm? Could consolidation be in your future? How does United’s ratification shape the next 6 months?  Join us as Prof. Jim Higgins returns to talk more in-depth about the industry outlook. Placing himself in your shoes, Jim shares what keeps him up at night, his personal history as a pilot, ALPA LEC & MEC leader, and even a stint as MEC Chairman during 9/11.
His forecasting for pilot demand was ‘dead accurate’ pre-COVID; dive in with us on how he hits the mark, what 2020 should have looked like, and hear his predictions for 2021 and beyond. Jim tackles the raw reality of how history could repeat itself and what indicators you need to watch for. Do the TSA numbers confuse you? When do we hit 1 million travelers? When do we hit 2019 numbers? What leading indicators should you be watching?
Jim’s Presentation
Hosted by Jason DuVernay
The statements made in this show are our own opinions and do not reflect, nor were they under any direction of our primary employers. 

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