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Rapid-Fire Recap – Delta/NGPA 2021

By Rapid-Fire Recaps

Rapid-Fire Recap – Delta/NGPA 2021

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LinkedIn Tips: August 11, 2020

By LinkedIn Tips

How To Skip Trash Cans ๐Ÿ—‘๏ธ For Recruiter Hands ๐Ÿ‘ | Land The Job You Want

๐Ÿ›‘ Stop Doing This:

“Hi everyone – I am looking for a new role and would appreciate your support. Thank you in advance for any connections or opportunities you can offer.”

Instead…Do This โœ”๏ธ: Read More

LinkedIn Tips: July 28, 2020

By LinkedIn Tips

Out of Work? Worried You Might Be? | Here’s How To Make New Contacts

Meeting new people is tough

Afterall, you’re probably worried you might do it wrong:

  • You might bother them
  • They might reject you
  • You could piss them off and cost yourself a new job opportunity
  • The list goes on and on

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