What Are Airline HR Departments Looking For?

We know how to get your application score higher

Check out our short video above discussing:

  1. What decides who gets called for an interview
  2. Why one pilot gets called over another
  3. Translating your experience into application language

Here are some examples that prove you can get a job based on merit, no matter what you’re background is:

  • The 2000 hour RJ pilot who we helped get hired by a Legacy just 3 years out of college with less than 100 hours of turbine PIC time.
  • The 3000 hour Military pilot who we helped get a Major interview despite being the first time ever applying.
  • The 8000 hour Corporate pilot who was offered an interview with a Legacy Cargo operator a quick 2 days after completing our application review.

You can do this… just like they did!

…The trick is learning exactly what they did to make their app trigger the algorithm…

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