How it Works

We work with experienced pilots from across the aviation industry struggling with sending out résumé after résumé without response. Whether you are applying to a Fortune 500, Low Cost Carrier, or Major Airline, we have the knowledge and talent in place to develop a clear plan, focus your efforts, produce tailored content (résumé/cover letter/LinkedIn profile), and coach you through making the right first impression in networking, meet-and-greet, and interview settings. We have worked with every level pilot from First Officer all the way through Director of Operations and have a long record of success. We welcome you to take a brief look below at how we make it happen.

Initial phone consultation

After completing our online contact form, a member of our team will promptly call you to learn more about your background and discuss our process. During the initial consultation, we will discuss your background and experience, and identify specific companies to target. We will work together to schedule time to discuss a career development plan suited to your defined goals and interests.

Career development strategy

With a clear understanding of who you are and what you want to accomplish, we begin developing a clear strategy. We cater to each client’s individual needs across both airline and corporate segments, providing an individually focused approach. Our services include career development, résumé re-write, interview preparation, compensation negotiation, networking strategies, and social media development.

Follow-up and support

We periodically follow up with you to discuss how your career development plan is progressing. We review contacts you have made, interviews scheduled, as well as any new opportunities you wish to pursue. We will also make any necessary adjustments to your plan based on your recent activities and latest industry trends.

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