How it Works

We work with experienced pilots from across the aviation industry struggling with sending out résumé after résumé without response. Whether you are applying to a Fortune 500, Low Cost Carrier, or Major Airline, we have the knowledge and talent in place to develop a clear plan, focus your efforts, produce tailored content (résumé/cover letter/LinkedIn profile), and coach you through making the right first impression in networking, meet-and-greet, and interview settings. We have worked with every level pilot from First Officer all the way through Director of Operations and have a long record of success. We welcome you to take a brief look below at how we make it happen.

Initial Phone Consultation

After completing our online contact form, a member of our team will reach out to obtain a copy of your current resume and schedule an initial phone consultation with you. This call will allow us to learn more about your background and share additional information about our services, process, and pricing.

Client Registration

With a clear understanding of our services and how the process works, a member of our team will provide you with an electronic consulting agreement for your review and signature. This document outlines all client and adviser expectations as well as a strong confidentiality agreement aimed to protect you personal and professional information. Additionally, our administrative team will email you an detailed invoice outlining each of the services you have selected, which may be paid online through a secure portal at your convenience. With the consulting agreement signed and invoice paid, we are now ready to schedule your initial session with a Raven Career Development adviser.

Services & Follow-Up

You will be connected with a team made up of advisers, project managers, and auditors to work with you on each of the services you have selected. Throughout the process, each member of your team will periodically check in to make sure you are progressing on schedule, questions are being answered, and support is being offered when unique personal and professional concerns arise. Once complete, select members of your project management team will continue to follow up on your progress so we may assist you should you need any further help or guidance.

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