About Our Aviation Job Team


Founded by James Onieal in 2010, Raven Career Development provides clients in the aviation industry with a personalized career development plan, developed with their background, skills, and goals in mind to find their dream aviation job. Raven Careers has helped hundreds of pilots and aviation professionals across all disciplines of aviation including corporate, charter, airline, and military segments.

The Raven Career difference is the value we place on relationships: we believe in working closely with you throughout your career to help you identify practical paths towards your goals.

Our advisers are top-rated airline transport pilots and have worked throughout the aviation industry as regional, legacy airline, fractional, corporate, and civilian government pilots. In addition to their flying backgrounds, our team holds experience in flight department management, safety, training, regulatory compliance, as well as pilot recruitment, interviewing, and hiring.

Raven Career Development approaches each new client with an open mind to learn what motivates, fulfills, and challenges them on the path to finding their next position. Our client-centered approach results in tailored strategies for your unique situation and goals. We want to help you find your next great aviation job!


Meet Our Team

James Onieal, Owner

Brian Falcon

Yeol Grant

Chris Hughes

Dale Aliberti

Heather Hatton

Dan Solomon

Heather Snyder

Scott Miller

Matthias Wrede

Parker Feuge

Kelli Erxleben