Aviation Resume Rewrite


Our aviation resume rewrite service is a multi-step process guaranteed to capture interest from airline recruiters and Fortune 500 hiring managers for aviation jobs around the world. We produce resumes that are keyword optimized, easy to read, and organized to highlight your experiences in order of importance. We help even the most introverted pilot market their skills effectively without being persistent or overbearing. In today’s aviation job market, hiring happens quickly. As professional pilots ourselves, we empathize with you on the importance of your quality of life, career advancement, and long-term wealth. We are dedicated to working alongside you to craft a personalized resume to help you reach your aviation career aspirations.


Our Process


Resume Review

We begin by analyzing your current resume format and content. It’s important to know that in today’s aviation job market, recruiters will only spend about 6-8 seconds reviewing your resume. If a recruiter can’t tell you’re the “right fit” after that quick scan, you won’t get called for an interview.

We also want to make sure that your resume text is relevant, targeted, comprehensive, and efficient. Today’s job market requires a well-rounded pilot who pairs exceptional flying ability with a positive attitude and great customer service.

One-on-One Interview

Once your resume review is complete, we will schedule a casual follow-up “aviation job style” interview to discuss your professional background. This is our opportunity to learn everything there is to know about you, both inside and outside of the cockpit. We will take our extensive notes generated from the interview to use in your resume rewrite.

Resume Writing 

Our writing process groups experiences and themes, and organizes them so that your resume is crafted with a recruiter’s eye in mind. Your certificates, ratings, flight hours, aviation and non-aviation work history, and education will all be highlighted in your new resume.

Once written, every client resume is reviewed and edited by a separate adviser who focuses on grammar, spelling, themes, flow, and content. The resume writer and editor will work together to ensure your new resume is examined from every possible angle before a draft is passed along for you to review.

Resume Follow Up 

We schedule a follow-up conversation once you have had time to review your resume first draft. This is our opportunity to walk you through the format and content, answer any questions you may have, and discuss any adjustments you would like us to make.

Resume Final Draft

Once our resume follow-up is complete, we will make any adjustments as required and submit a final resume draft via email. Your new resume is your property. We do not copyright the material, and we submit copies to you in both .doc and .pdf formats. This allows you to continually update your flight times, ratings, and experience.

Resume Update

We maintain lifelong relationships with our clients, and we offer a resume update service for our aviation clients as they progress through their careers.

Have you taken a promotion since working with us to craft your resume? We would love to enhance your resume to reflect your new experience, and to stay aware of your professional accomplishments and future goals. We love hearing about your success!

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