Aviation Networking Strategies


Networking is essential in today’s competitive aviation environment. Hiring managers are currently bombarded with hundreds of resumes and applications for a position on a daily basis. Getting to know you, and putting your face to your name on your application, can be the difference between landing an interview or being another resume in the trash bin.  

We’re pilots ourselves, and we’ve watched the process unfold from the employer perspective. Because of this, Raven Career advisors have a personalized approach to aviation networking that helps you communicate directly with hiring managers. Avoid awkward social interactions, work on your own timeframe, and obtain valuable feedback from flight department managers and hiring personnel.

We believe the most effective aviation networking techniques are centered on one-on-one personal interactions evenly spaced over time. We work to find respectful, non-intrusive means to communicate directly with flight department personnel in five manageable stages.

Effective aviation networking is the path to discovering new positions before thousands of other pilots are aware they exist. If your first contact with a flight department is through an online application, you may have missed out on six to nine months of stress-free, non-competitive opportunities.

Our advisors will work with you one-on-one to brainstorm creative ideas to find contacts in your desired market and get an edge over your aviation employment competition.

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