Interview Preparation

Purpose of Interview Prep

Interview preparation is crucial to making a good first impression. Seventy percent of our ability to communicate is non-verbal. The way an applicant dresses, their overall appearance, making direct eye contact, and other subtle behaviors can significantly change an interview experience. Our goal is to provide you with proven techniques which will allow you to communicate in a genuine, intelligent, well thought manner without sounding rehearsed.

Our aviation interview preparation is adapted both directly to you as an individual pilot with unique experience and also to the specific airline or corporate flight department for which you are preparing. All of our interview preparation is conducted one-on-one with an ATP rated pilot who has experience interviewing pilots from diverse backgrounds. We work directly with you to help prepare for both individual and panel type interviews, all the way from casual meet and greet with a line-pilot to confident and genuine conversation with the CEO in your prospective company.

How do we do it?

We are unique in that we use a building-block approach over multiple sessions optimized for your learning. This modular system allows you to learn techniques to tackle challenging questions surrounding customer service, teamwork, leadership, conflict resolution, interpersonal relations, client interaction, and salary expectations. Our process will guide you through how to adapt your interview style for each and every company and interview scenario. This will enable you to connect with each interviewer individually, speak about what is of most importance to the interview panel, and demonstrate why you will be an excellent cultural fit within the organization.