Networking is an essential skill set that can promote your career development in today’s competitive aviation environment. Hiring managers are currently being bombarded with hundreds of resumesĀ and electronic applications for a given position, which means that expertly crafted resumes, optimized LinkedIn profiles, and accurate applications are often not being reviewed due to the overwhelming volume of media submitted by applicants. Having experienced the process unfold from the employer perspective, our Raven Career advisors have developed a personalized networking approach that addresses this issue and communicates your background directly with hiring managers. Our strategy avoids awkward social interactions, allows you to network within your own timeframe, and encourages valuable feedback from flight department managers and hiring personnel.

The Networking Process

We firmly believe the most effective networking techniques are centered on consistent one-on-one personal interactions evenly spaced over time. Seventy percent of our ability to communicate is nonverbal; this means the inflection of our voice, eye contact, facial expressions, and the firmness of our handshake communicate more about who we are then the words we use. Equipped with this knowledge, we work directly with you to find respectful, non-intrusive means to communicate directly with flight department personnel.

Our networking process is broken up into five manageable stages designed to shape your social interactions with department managers in a confident, flexible, and relatable manner.


If your first contact with a flight department is through an online application, you may have missed out on six to nine months of stress-free, non-competitive networking opportunities. Effective networking is the path which leads to discovering new positions before thousands of other pilots are even aware they exist. Our advisors will work alongside you during the entire process to provide essential feedback and creative ideas to ensure your networking techniques will be well received by top flight departments in your desired market.