Aviation Career Services

At Raven Careers, we want to get to know you. Our aviation career services are designed specifically to each client, so that we can help you on route to your professional goals.

Career Planning

We’re all pilots, and we understand that your priorities are unique to you as an individual. We want to walk alongside you, offering individualized support, attention, and advice to you as your aviation career unfolds. Whether you’re looking to move to a major airline, or a Fortune 500 company, we want to help you achieve success.



Having reviewed thousands of resumes for aviation professionals, we know that you have six to eight seconds to communicate why you are the most qualified person for a position. Hiring managers spend these short few seconds reviewing your resume for 12 key elements. We walk you through these to maximize your visibility in the hiring progress.



Networking is an essential skill in today’s competitive aviation environment. Hiring managers are currently being bombarded with resumes and airline applications. Having experienced the process unfold ourselves, our Raven Career Development advisors have developed a personalized networking approach that addresses this issue and communicates your background directly with hiring managers. Avoid awkward social interactions, network within your own timeframe, and get valuable feedback from airline recruiters, flight department managers, and HR hiring personnel.


Interview Preparation

Interview preparation is crucial to making a good first impression. Seventy percent of communication is nonverbal. The way applicants dress, their appearance, direct eye contact, and other subtle behaviors can change an interview experience. Our goal is to provide you with proven techniques to communicate in a genuine, intelligent, well-thought manner, letting your true self shine without sounding rehearsed.