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LinkedIn Tips: September 1, 2020

By September 1, 2020December 22nd, 2021LinkedIn Tips

Don’t Waste 💲💲💲 On A New Resume | Do This Instead

🛑 KEYWORD OPTIMIZING Your Resume Doesn’t Work

With thousands of pilots out of work, everyone has the same keywords:

Airline Transport Pilot…Captain…Turbine PIC…Type Ratings…International Experience

Thousands of furloughed pilots are paying to get professionally written, ATS (resume scanner) compliant resumes

That means there are around 658 keyword-optimized resumes submitted online for every 1 job posting 💣

The math doesn’t work ❌ and that’s why you need to take a different approach.

Do This Instead:

🔥 Start networking before you get your resume written

🔥 Gather information and find out exactly what recruiters want before you have your resume professionally written

🔥 Make sure your resume writer tailors your resume to the recruiters’ specific needs

🔥 Hand deliver your tailored resume to the recruiter and have them put it at the TOP OF THE STACK

NETWORKING beats the resume scanner 💥


3% of folks get hired by APPLYING ONLINE 👎

64% to 86% get HIRED through a REFERRAL. 👍


Click below and let’s get you started on your 7-Day Networking Challenge

Terrified and Don’t Want to Look Weak? | ✔️ Do This Next

Pilot: I’m terrified but I don’t want to look weak

What should you do when you’re SH*T SCARED and don’t know how to recover?

Here’s the B.S. you’ll see floating around:

🟤 Stay Positive
🟤 Don’t Focus on The Negative
🟤 Good Things Happen to Good People
🟤 You Will Overcome This

Here’s the problem with that mentality:

📣 Positivity doesn’t PAY THE BILLS
📣 Continual REJECTION crushes your soul
📣 What if you don’t overcome this?
📣 What if you spend MONTHS, or even a YEAR, UNEMPLOYED, lost in a sea of 7,000+ other desperate pilots?

Last time I checked, opportunity doesn’t randomly come marching through your living room…

…while you’re laying on the couch depressed, ashamed, confused, and terrified.

Don’t forget, hope is not ❌ a strategy…

and, luck is a series of repeatable processes that you can learn how to create for yourself 👍

I’ll shoot straight with you…🎯

This isn’t gonna be easy…

…and, if you use the link below,

I’ll get you started with our 7-day networking challenge so you can draw a straight line between networking and getting your next job

Why SUFFER if you don’t have to…