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LinkedIn Tips: July 21, 2020

Out of Work? Worried You Might Be? | Don’t Ask For A Job... Do This Instead


“Hello, I live near [Random City], and I am looking for work. 8,400 Total Time, 2,500 Turbin PIC, and Current on B737 and Citation Excel. Willing to commute or relocate.”


  1. Get on LinkedIn.
  2. Start following People and Companies you want to work for.
  3. Join Aviation Groups and meet new people who want to help pilots like you.
  4. Comment on influential people’s posts: Directors, Chief Pilots, Recruiters, Other Pilots, etc.
  5. Let them get to know the real you and what you bring to the table.
  6. Start building trust and rapport, become a known quantity, and a trusted source.  
  7. Stop chasing jobs, let them come to you.

If you’re stuck looking for a new job

...It’s counterintuitive

Searching for a job is kind of like dating….if you come off desperate or needy, you’ll get rejected

Tired of hearing "we've gone with other more qualified candidates?"

So were these pilots until they tried something new:

“Thank you! My LinkedIn profile looks awesome. I kid you not, I’ve already been contacted by a company today looking to do a phone interview...I appreciate all the help. Thanks!”

- T.H. Legacy Airline Pilot

“Looks like Raven does good work. My LinkedIn profile was updated yesterday and I got a comment on my resume today. I've never had anyone make a comment on my resume before.”

- M.M. Furloughed Pilot

Listen to recruiters explain why this process works:

Here’s the reality…

Recruiters are getting swamped with resumes…over 1,000 per week…

Each has an average flight time of 8,400 hours, with an ATP, and a bunch of type ratings….

None of those things make you stand out…

Think about it, when was the last time a recruiter was impressed when you told them you had an ATP?!?

Recruiters don’t have enough time to review even 25% of the resumes they receive….

Once you connect to them on LinkedIn, you can follow our proven 4-step process:

  1. Build trust and rapport
  2. Get them talking about what they are looking for, what problems they have, and what solutions they need
  3. Show them you both understand their problems and can solve them
  4. Position yourself to be the best or only solution for their problems

If you’re struggling with...

  • Finding a new job
  • Making it past the phone screen
  • Struggling in interviews
  • Or are unsure of what you should do next

Still unsure? Here's what another pilot just like you had to say:

“I’m still in awe of what you were able to do with my profile. How you were able to turn two hours of me bloviating into this awesome picture of what I do and what I have done is truly a work of art. Thanks again!”

- J.C. Simulator Instructor/Evaluator

Fly Safe!


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