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LinkedIn Tips: August 25, 2020

Worried Your Resume Sucks ❓ | Here’s How To Fix It ✔️

If you’re worried your resume sucks...it probably does

Applying online blows and only has a 3% chance of success.

That’s why getting an internal referral to hand-deliver your tailored resume is your best chance of success.

64% to 86% chance of success to be EXACT.

So here’s how to make your referral’s job that much easier

...giving them an AWESOME resume to drop on top of that mile-high pile

Need your resume professionally reviewed?

Fix these resume problems and you’re good to go:

Need More Space

✔️ More space = more content

AND better content = more interviews

Did you know that all fonts are not created equal?!?!

I’ll prove it, open your resume and change all of the content to Times New Roman size 12. Then change all of the content to Garamond size 12.

Isn’t it crazy how much room Garamond saves?

4 Tips to Save Space and Get More Content On Your Resume

  1. Change your MARGINS (Top, Bottom, Left, and Right) to ½ inch (.5)
  2. Change your FONT to Garamond. This is the smallest resume approved font
  3. Change your FONT SIZE to 10
  4. Eliminate WHITE SPACE by using tables and section headers

Needs Better Content

Perfect pilot resumes should have 2 types of content:

Qualifiers: Items that help you avoid being disqualified during a resume review.

Qualifiers include items such as:

  • Certificates
  • Ratings
  • Type ratings
  • Flight times

NOTE: Qualifiers ❌ DO NOT get you interviews and job offers. While counterintuitive, too many pilot resumes depend on qualifiers to get them jobs when their purpose is to simply avoid getting your resume immediately thrown into the “NO” pile.

Differentiators: These are the high-quality resume bullets that get you interviews, set you apart from the competition, and get HR’s attention.

NOTE: Differentiators should be included in every bullet listed under every position on your resume. These bullets help you land more interviews and get jobs faster. They explain what value you bring to the table and what problems you can solve.

Differentiators include items such as:

  • Years of Experience: "7+ years of experience doing X"
  • Results: "Achieved SMS Stage III Certification" or "Decreased training costs by X%"
  • Scope: "Designed FRAT tool for X pilot operation"
  • Time: "Completed X type rating courses in X month period”
  • Efficiency: “Reduced cruise fuel burns by X% on average using X flight planning software”

Whatever you do, make sure your resume conveys these 3 traits about you:

You’re Sharp As A Tack: You are an informed and intelligent individual
You’re Enthusiastic As Hell: Show genuine passion, not fake happiness or optimism
You’re An Expert in Your Field: You are a source of in-depth knowledge

If you’re struggling with:
Finding a new job
Making it past the phone screen
Struggling in interviews
Or are unsure of what you should do next

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