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LinkedIn Tips: September 1, 2020

Don’t Waste On A New Resume | Do This Instead

KEYWORD OPTIMIZING Your Resume Doesn’t Work

With thousands of pilots out of work, everyone has the same keywords:

Airline Transport Pilot...Captain...Turbine PIC...Type Ratings...International Experience

Thousands of furloughed pilots are paying to get professionally written, ATS (resume scanner) compliant resumes

That means there are around 658 keyword-optimized resumes submitted online for every 1 job posting

The math doesn’t work ❌ and that’s why you need to take a different approach.

Do This Instead:

 Start networking before you get your resume written

Gather information and find out exactly what recruiters want before you have your resume professionally written

 Make sure your resume writer tailors your resume to the recruiters' specific needs

 Hand deliver your tailored resume to the recruiter and have them put it at the TOP OF THE STACK

NETWORKING beats the resume scanner


3% of folks get hired by APPLYING ONLINE

64% to 86% get HIRED through a REFERRAL.


Click below and let’s get you started on your 7-Day Networking Challenge

Terrified and Don’t Want to Look Weak? | ✔️ Do This Next

Pilot: I’m terrified but I don’t want to look weak

What should you do when you're SH*T SCARED and don’t know how to recover?

Here’s the B.S. you’ll see floating around:

Stay Positive
Don’t Focus on The Negative
Good Things Happen to Good People
You Will Overcome This

Here’s the problem with that mentality:

Positivity doesn’t PAY THE BILLS
Continual REJECTION crushes your soul
What if you don’t overcome this?
What if you spend MONTHS, or even a YEAR, UNEMPLOYED, lost in a sea of 7,000+ other desperate pilots?

Last time I checked, opportunity doesn't randomly come marching through your living room…

…while you're laying on the couch depressed, ashamed, confused, and terrified.

Don’t forget, hope is not ❌ a strategy…

and, luck is a series of repeatable processes that you can learn how to create for yourself

I’ll shoot straight with you…

This isn't gonna be easy…

…and, if you use the link below,

I’ll get you started with our 7-day networking challenge so you can draw a straight line between networking and getting your next job

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