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Aviation Industry Updates: October 20, 2020

By Industry News

Ticket Prices Plummet While Cargo Revenues Increase


  • “US airlines are in the crappiest recovery ever. They’re getting hit in two ways: The number of passengers is still way down, seven months into the pandemic, or actually over eight months into it because for airlines it started at the end of January with flight bans; and on top of it, ticket prices have plunged — the toxic mix of crushed volume and crushed prices.”

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Aviation Industry Updates: September 15, 2020

By Industry News

Can United Avoid Furloughs? | Management & Union Talking

The rumor-mill has been running at full-speed for our friends over at United on word of an Agreement in Principle [AIP] with management. UAL ALPA published some vague details of the AIP that would ensure “all of us, to weather and recover from the coronavirus pandemic while keeping our seniority list intact.” This weekend on ‘Meet the Press’ Scott Kirby, CEO of United, told Margaret Brennen of CBS “we just got a deal last week” in reference to the AIP “that would save about 3,000 of those jobs.”. Read More

Aviation Industry Updates: August 11, 2020

By Industry News

Scope Kicks In | United Plans Removal of RJ Seats


  • United Airlines began promoting three different seat maps for their Embraer 175 Regional Jet online.
  • The website shows, “the aircraft’s normal 76-seat, three-class configuration. Two other diagrams show a maximum of 70 seats, in two different three-class configurations.”
  • “That contract [ALPA CBA] requires United to “convert” 76-seat aircraft to 70-seat aircraft if it is forced to furlough pilots hired prior to when the contract was signed, a move that could diminish the economics of the jets.”
  • “We have the engineering being worked on right now, and we will have them removed by October 1”

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